Features Writer, Mint Lounge
Anindita Ghose

Features Writer, Mint Lounge

I joined Lounge, MINT’s weekend magazine, in August 2009. It was right after I graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. I’d studied Arts journalism so when the editor mailed me about an opening as a culture writer it was seemingly perfect. And I haven’t changed my opinion about that two years down the line—both about joining MINT and moving continents for it.

What I particularly like here is its clean organizational structure. (Yes, it’s important in a newsroom too.) It can be difficult navigating assignments and pitches with the burden of multi-layered editorial hierarchies, and this is something that MINT does away with largely.

As a cutting-edge outfit, MINT has allowed me to develop and work on various multimedia platforms. I started the Lounge Podcast—a weekly audio feature to supplement the print edition, and I enjoy working on this.

In every job, one exhausts their learning potential at some point. I haven’t exhausted mine yet and I hope it stays this way for a while.