Assistant Manager, Production
Anshuman Nanday

Assistant Manager, Production

Although professionally I have been associated with HT for a little more than 3 years , emotionally my association dates back to 2001, when my first article appeared in it. I was a class XI student then and a member of the HT knowledge index club, writing articles for the HT teens and HT youth column of our esteemed brand in Bihar.
I started off my career with HT and joined HT Greater Noida plant in supply chain as a GET in June 2008, after being recruited straight away from my Manipal campus.
The impact HT made in my campus was phenomenal and the experience afterwards has been even better.

We underwent a carefully structured training program with proper mentorship from the subject matter experts and got opportunity to train on the world’s most advanced coldest web offset machines like “Colorman” & “Regioman”, across some of the best printing press facilities in the country at Gr. Noida and Mumbai.

Movement is an integral part of any individual’s growth story and depending on your skills and interest areas, the organization allows you to design your own career path.