K C Kulish International Award 2008

Hindustan Times won the second Karpoor Chandra `Kulish' International Award 2008 for Excellence in Print Journalism for its story "Welcome to the Headquarters of Lashkar-eTayyeba", reported by Tehelka editor (Investigations) Harinder Baweja, carried exclusively by HT.

HT also won a merit award for its series on "India's Porous Borders". Reporters Manish Tiwari, Arun Joshi, Sunita Aron and Rahul Karmakar travelled along the Indo-Nepal border, Indo-Bangladesh border and Indo-Pak border exposed not just the vulnerability of the border but also the failure to check drug-pushers, counterfeiters and terrorists.
The third merit award was won by Rahul Karmakar,  on his story of a police officer who died fighting ethnic militants in Meghalaya.
The 3 entries were selected from 173; 48 from India and 11 from foreign newspapers from US, France, Pakistan etc.