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Nayi Dishayen
A career and education supplement that guides students and heps them pick the right career for themselves.

A product that suggests convenient and effective ways to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle to readers. Tan-Man offers guidance on a healthy lifestyle through a wide range of topics like Food, exercise. meditation and work life balance.

A magazine with a content mix ranging from recipes, health tips, fashion, family to kids upbringing. Anokhi empowers the woman from the Hindi belt  to do more with her life.

Life n style
A vibrant and urban  ready reckoner of information that caters to specific aspects like behavior, lifestyle and attitude. The supplement keeps readers abreast with the latest trends  in the market.

Movie Magic
A peek into the world of glamor. Movie Magic brings gossip and happenings from the movie and television world right into the living rooms of the readers....more