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HT Mobile Solutions

The HT Media group has been operating in the huge and fast-evolving Mobile space for the last four years, and has built a strong Mobile Solutions division called HTMobile Solutions. Recently, the company has acquired the premier social media agency, Webitude. The two organizations are leveraging synergies in the mobile and social media space, operating under the umbrella brand 'Digital Quotient', to provide brands and businesses strong digital marketing and enterprise solutions.

Digital Quotient is a Mobile-First Digital Solutions Organization that operates at the intersection of Mobile and Social Media, offering an array of products, solutions and services.
DQ’s Mission:
To help Brands and Businesses achieve exponential success by leveraging the most powerful evolving digital media – mobile and social.
The Team:
Digital Quotient has a team of over 70 people and growing – these are professionals experienced in the mobile solutions space, and include the team from the recently acquired premier social media agency, Webitude.
The Indian Digital Landscape:
In India today, the mobile explosion is drastically changing the face of digital marketing – with internet on mobile already higher than that on desktops, the increasing penetration of smartphones, and the impending broadband revolution.

Social media continues to be the fastest growing activity, led by the growth in usage of Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, and opens up a world of opportunities for brands and businesses to truly engage consumers.
DQ’s solutions span these two fast-evolving spaces of Mobile and Social Media, to offer a range of solutions.
DQ’s solutions include the following:...more